Vermont – September 15th 2017

Vermont how to describe it, ahhh, well maybe some of the Photos will give you a small feeling of it. Unique is one word I can think of…….

This is just one of many unusual weather vanes we saw. One of the few we understood. 

We have no idea what this sign was trying to convey. It just goes in our photos like the “Road Ends” in the river sign. 

We thought of the previous sign and thought maybe the Cow, Baby cow and Chicken hanging out in a backyard next to the road might apply. We thought and thought. We got nothing other than it’s Vermont. This photo occured while we were driving thru Vermont I told Staci what I had just seen and she said “NO Way”. I said “Way” turned the rig around and got the photo to prove it. Our new saying when we have no Idea is just to say Vermont. It says it all.

Oh we did get this really cool waterfall/powerplant right off the road we came into Vermont on. In true Vermont fashion the photographers of the area complained that it was had to get the light coming off it right. To be fair they are all over the place and I guess the light is not great on it. Ohh well Vermont!!

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