International Border – Unknown Border Shack, Canada – June 28th 2017

This shot is of the Prince of Wales Hotel, but it had a Canadian Flag flying and thus you realize we are in Canada. Actual Border Post in Photo below. 

The Prince of Wales hotel is located in Canada, Here we go, you didn’t think we can go anywhere without an adventure and yes we had another one. Well maybe not adventure, but the Canadian Border seems to provide interesting times for us. Sooo we approach the one Man Canadian border crossing in the middle of nowhere courtesy of Google Maps. We are the only car on the road for either direction for the last 10 miles. Pull up and the Border Guard asks us where are we going? We tell him Prince of Wales Hotel. He gets a look like wrong answer and proceeds to grill us pretty good and notices that we have been to Canada twice in a couple of minutes in Vancouver. Has Trouble with us driving 4 hours for dinner and then driving back another 4 hours home. No one does that!!! So Staci sweet talks him as to her dream of seeing the Prince of Wales Hotel and he finally relents and now we learn why he was edgy. He states you know you are going the wrong way. Whatttt, Our disbelief convinces him we truly want to just go have dinner and he now is on Staci’s side and proceeds to tell us directions go back thru the USA Border crossing and what to see on the new route. Remember we are the only ones at the Crossing. Okay we are good to go you say. Nooo The USA border now has problems with us making multiple crossings in such a short time and coming right back into the USA. Whole Story told again, off we go thinking thank goodness that is over. Wait we are crossing the Canadian Border again 30 minutes from Now. Same Routine though upon arriving at Border, You really are driving your wife 8 hours for Dinner. Staci smiles and says she is lucky to have me, Dang I would have driven 10 hours not 8 to see his expression at that point, so again we are off, me now feeling like the lucky one to eat at the Prince of Wales hotel. (That is in another Post). But yes we have to come back through the USA side after dinner and we still have a long wait at the border, but Surprise not because of us, this guy got the Dinner thing right off the Bat, He just was Bored and Staci was all amped up on going to Dinner at Prince of Wales Hotel. No they did not touch, but they got to talking and talking and more talking and then swapped more stories, became friends exchanged food recipes and finally we were on our way only when the car behind us had been sitting there for 10 minutes after they had been talking awhile. Soooo we never got strip searched, but I felt like my Life had been Scrutinized thoroughly by the Canadians and to some degree the American border guards. I can hardly wait to go Nova Scotia and cross the border again.  This is a picture behind the international Border Post and as you can see it stretches way out into the distance. Also note no roads houses or anything as far as the eye can see. I forgot to ask the border Guard where he lives. But I can tell you he is not married, has two dogs, requested this Border post, enjoys hunting and fishing, does not work weekends, does not know who cleans up the area we are seeing here, but anything else you might like to know go ahead ask me I know all those answers courtesy of my Wife. Just not where he Lives. Thanks Baby! LOL 

Thank God I was thinking we are almost back in the USA. Yea this is before Staci’s and Tom’s life stories collided, Of course we know the Border Guard’s name is Tom. Were you not paying attention to the earlier story!

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