Oregon Trail Ruts – Guernsey, Wyoming – July 25th 2017

Was not prepared for the size of the Ruts from the Oregon trail site. You saw the wagon ruts on the 33 mile trail right. So I was ready to be underwhelmed again. Wrong, so wrong. If you are going to see a place on the Oregon trail I think this is a spot to visit. Why? Well take a look at the Trail Rut Staci is standing in the next photo. 

Yea! That is a serious rut in the stone there. This was not carved but worn from over 500,000 wagons and hand pulled carts traveling thru this spot. Difficult to see in the photo, but you can pick out a horseshoe imprint here and there or at least that was what Staci said. She was in the Ruts so we are going to have to believe her.

This tells some of the story of the Ruts if you zoom in on the words.

This was another section of the Ruts and you can see how the wagons really cut into the stone. Amazing is all I can say. History right there in front of you. Forget the 33 mile Oregon Trail and come here I say.

I am glad to see this is a National Historic Site. It deserves it.

Even the United States Army was involved with the Trail. I actually have to admit that Rocks were teaching me something interesting, again. Actually in all of this Oregon Trail exploration I learned parts of how it came about and why so many made the Trek. It sort of explains a lot of views of individuals in the western part of the USA. Lots of these people who started on this journey died and the ones who made it had to be a pretty hardy group of individuals. A lot of Independent thinkers you might notice, and now a little idea of where they came from. 

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