Kinross, Michigan – August 9th 2017

Staci was all excited about Michigan, that kind of went away as we traveled around. She likes to say all the ads on TV had to be shot from a helicopter because we drove all thru the state and didn’t see anything remotely like the ads. The following shot might have summed up our visit here.

Road Ends. Yes the sign was right. Why you would need a sign is beyond me. The road literally stopped in the water. Where did they think it would go. Oh well.  

Now this shot is funny because that is a 600 ft long ship and the people listing their homes for sale on the river include these as amazing views with the ships in the flyers like this is something that would increase the value of the home. Well you saw the Sign in the previous photo. These people need to get out more I think.

Staci just loved the Amish Carriages traveling down the road

Oh, why the photo of me and the rig. Because Staci was so excited to get a super low rate to stay here. Note to Baby when the rate is really, really, really low. Maybe a reason. The reason here was we were located right between 2 Correctional Facilities. Yes Prisons. On the bright side the Lights from them lit up the campground so you didn’t need flashlights. They went to Bed at 10pm. We know this because we could hear them announcing it over the Loud speakers. It was safe because of all the police cars patrolling the area. All that aside it turned out to be pretty peaceful, but not sure I would recommend it in the future. Just another Adventure. We did save a bundle though.

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