Columbia River Bar & Foss Pilots – Astoria, Oregon – May 25th 2017

This photo is of the Columbia River Pilots, Why the Helicopter you say. We found out that most of the River pilots are transferred to the ships they guide in or out are by Helicopter. That was a little interesting fact I did not know. They do still use the Boats and we got to see them up close at a restaurant we ate on the Columbia River. When they dock they come in crazy fast and then use the engines to reverse and park softly at the pier. It was worth the price of Dinner to see it. 

Right outside the restaurant we ate at. You can see the ships that are waiting for Columbia River Pilots to escort them out to the Pacific Ocean. Just down the street there is a Maritime Museum that tells you quite a lot about the history of the Columbia River and the Bar Pilots. The Museum was worth visiting I hate to say, but it was. Baby thanks for another interesting Adventure.

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